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Our Dog Trainers Philosophy

Our in home training philosophy is simple – We teach your dog to be a well mannered family member. In many cases the home environment is enabling undesired behavior. Our dog trainer expert can correct this. Dog Training In Your Home’s services are designed to make training fun for both you and your dog. Give us a call today at  248-547-7297 to schedule your free dog training evaluation.

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 Dog Trainer Troy, Royal Oak, Ferndale

Ken Landa

As a training expert, I have always been fascinated by the study of animal behavior. My graduate degree in Anthropology allowed me to study pack behavior, dominance and aggression in a Vervet Monkey troop. The Vervets are very social and live according to a pack structure that is similar to that of dogs. This insight into animal behavior has stuck with me almost 30 years. I apply it when conducting dog training of my own dogs as house pets and when training them for the obedience ring. This same level of training is provided to you by the entire Dog Training In Your Home Staff.

Drawing on my prior training experience and the in depth training received during Dog Training In Your Home’s dog trainer certification process I opened Obedient Paws Dog Training In Your Home in Oakland and western Macomb counties in Michigan. It would be my pleasure to help with with your dog training needs. I have been dog training in Southfield, Royal Oak, Troy, Berkley, Birmingham, Bloomfield, and others in Oakland County and Western Macomb County.

Kathleen Kelly

They call me, “Kat, the dog whisperer!” I was fortunate to be raised around dogs, cats, horses, cows, and more! At a young age, I developed a strong connection to dogs. I started training my first dog, Princess, when I was 4 years old. Being a Dog Trainer  is second nature to me! My experiences have given me a vast amount of canine knowledge. This, in addition to completing Dog Training In Your Home’s trainer certification process enabled me to grow and become proficient in being a Multi-Method Dog Trainer. Throughout the years, I have been able to help many clients create pack harmony with our personalized dog training methods.

I train every dog with the same compassion and love I have for my own dogs. I believe in all breeds. Each canine I work with becomes part of my pack! It would be an honor to provide you with Obedient Paws dog training services and continue to expand my pack!