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Dog Training – Shepherds

German Shepherd Dogs This short article German Shepherd Dogs written by dog trainer/educator Steve Diller is an excellent synopsis of the origins, breed characteristics, dog training ability, and what to think about before getting a German Shepherd Dog (GSD). Dog Behaviors and Dog Training Abilities Many people consider the GSD to be … Read More

Oakland County Area Dog Parks

Lyon Oaks Dog Park 13-acres fenced. Small dog area. 52221 Pontiac Trail Wixom, MI 48393 Park Information 248.437.7345 Hours: 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset or as posted Daily pass or Oakland County park pass required http://www.destinationoakland.com/parksandtrails/parks/lyonoaks/Pages/default.aspx Orion Oaks Dog Park 14-acres fenced. Small dog area. Trails. … Read More

Dangers at the Dog Park

While many people enjoy spending a sunny afternoon at the dog park with their best friend and his buddies, it’s important to be aware of the possible dangers that exist in this sort of environment.  Dogs can benefit greatly from socialization at the dog park, but it is wise to … Read More

Keep the Momentum Going

So you’ve had a series of canine obedience training lessons and you get it. Your dog seems to get it. But are you worried that you and your dog might backslide a few months from now without your trainer around to keep you going? Or maybe you need to miss … Read More

Five Reasons Not to Free Feed Your Dog

When I tell people to feed their dog on a schedule and only allow him limited access to his food bowl, many people respond negatively to this advice. They worry their dog won’t have enough time to eat or won’t be hungry when they offer the food but will be … Read More

Earning Your Dog’s Respect

Some dogs are just naturally respectful and some people just naturally command respect, but most human-canine relationships start off pretty rocky. Your dog might jump all over you, destroy your possessions, chew on you or even growl at you and guard objects from you. It could be that your dog … Read More