Growing Puppies

Facts & Fiction
Quick Tips

What age should training begin?

Studies have proven that a dog’s brain is neurologically complete
at the age of 7 weeks old. It is at that point that a dog will begin
to form habits – both good and bad.

Puppies & Their Environment!

Puppies learn through a process of trial and error.
Example: Your puppy wants your attention…so he runs to you and puts
his feet up on your lap. He is cute, so of course you praise him
and give him some petting. Each time this happens your dog thinks
This jumping thing gets me love!

At Dog Training In Your Home, we realize that teaching the owner and the dog is
needed for success in training.

What can your puppy learn?

A puppy can learn most things an adult dog can. With proper training your puppy
can be housebroken, learn canine good manners and obedience training in just a
few weeks.

Our puppy programs cover:

Housebreaking, Problem Solving, Playbiting, Chewing,
Running Away, Sit, Down and Come, and many other useful things.
obedient paws dog training in your home

Misconceptions of dog training:

Myth: My puppy is chewing, but he’s teething and will stop once the
teething is complete.
Fact: Habits formed early in your puppies life can develope into life long

Myth: My Puppy is spitefull and destructive
when mad.
Fact: Studies have proven dogs do not exhibit destructive
behavior spitefully. Experience has shown that problem behavior is caused from
many things, such as boredom, health related and or sepration
anxiety just to name a few.

Myth: Approaching your puppy while he is eating will cause aggression!
Fact: You should start petting your puppy while he is eating from
day one. He will learn that you are never a threat to his food.

Myth: Using a rolled up newspaper to swat your dog is the best form of
Fact: Professional trainers know most dogs who have been swatted
as a form of correction develop aggressive behavior.

Myth: When your puppy has an accident you should rub his nose in it.
Fact: Rubbing your puppies nose in his movements, can cause him
to start ingesting them. Never rub your puppies nose in his accidents.

Myth: My puppy does not need heart worm preventive if he is an inside
Fact: Dogs can get heart worms from a single mosquito bite. Your should be given preventive
year round.